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Become A Certified Dinosaur Tail Coach

Elevate Your Skills and Credibility

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Unlock Your Next Level of Excellence Are you ready to not only transform your life but also empower others on their journey? The Dinosaur Tail Online Course now offers an exclusive certification program for those who aspire to excel not just as participants but as certified coaches.

What Does the Certification Include?

  • Personal Coaching Session with Lasse Nygren: Experience a one-on-one session with the creator of the Dinosaur Tail method. This invaluable opportunity allows you to deepen your understanding of the course principles and apply them effectively.

  • Comprehensive Certification Test: Demonstrate your mastery of the course material through our structured test. This assessment ensures that you have the knowledge and skills to guide others.

  • Official Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully passing the test, you'll receive a certificate, marking your achievement and qualification as a Dinosaur Tail Certified Coach.

Why Get Certified?

  • Professional Recognition: As a certified coach, you'll gain recognition for your expertise in this unique and transformative coaching methodology.

  • Enhanced Skills: Deepen your understanding of the Dinosaur Tail principles, refining your ability to apply these techniques in various contexts.

  • Expand Your Impact: Use your certification to help others release their "dinosaur tails", guiding them towards a more fulfilling life.

  • Career Advancement: Leverage your certification for professional growth opportunities in coaching, leadership, and personal development sectors.

  • How to Get Started

    Getting certified is simple:

    1. Complete the Dinosaur Tail Online Course.

    2. Opt for the Certification Upsell.

    3. Schedule your coaching session with Lasse.

    4. Prepare and take the certification test.

    5. Receive your certificate and begin your journey as a certified coach!

    Join us at Dinosaur Tail Coaching and turn the page on your past. Embrace the freedom and success that await you.

    Invest in Your Future

    This is more than a course; it's a pathway to becoming a leader in transformative coaching. With the Dinosaur Tail Certification, you open doors to new possibilities and horizons.